John Lane-Smith, Founder and CEO of EPS, is an accredited professional speaker, international best selling author and trusted advisor to senior executives across Australia.

Our CEO, John Lane-Smith

As one of the first advocates for emotional intelligence in Australia, John has been analysing people’s behaviour over the last 30 years using the world’s leading profiling systems to identify what makes people tick. 

Having studied over 13,000 people in a diverse range of industries, John has built a superior model of excellence which identifies the key drivers of high performing executives, their exact preferences and dispositions. This unique methodology enables John to counsel organisations on hiring the right people for the right role and guide executives to better lead and promote cohesion within their teams. 

His ability to provide enlightening insights around people’s unique motivations, behaviours and attitudes allow him to deliver outstanding results in shaping successful group dynamics. His superior and tailored service connects with people on both a professional and personal level, proving results that are truly invaluable.