For almost 30 years EPS has provided advice to some of Australia's leading organisations. This is what they had to say...

I have utilised John now on two different assignments and can vouch for that fact that he has made a significant impact in improving collaboration and personal development across our team. His information and insight has provided me with a good tool to support decision making.
— David O’Connor - EGM
John is an industry recognised expert in corporate counsel and emotional behaviours and specialises in building and engineering high performance environments. John’s ability to understand the project charter and work cohesively with the broader delivery team, ensures they are working in the most effective and efficient area. As John would phrase it “Quality Team Quality Results”. I have used John on several of my technical and diverse projects, his ability to sit at the boardroom or project control team table provides an equilibrium that ensure focus, performance and a high level of productivity. 
— Damon Lazaros - NSW Construction Manager
John provides ‘Excellence’ in team understanding and cohesion. He provides a level of service way beyond the brief. Working with John is often a revelation. After the first session of the programme, he identified a trait that I was completely blind to. The programme paid for itself immediately in my view. Amazing! He adds much more value to the team and its learning than his proposal will ever state.
— Nev Nichols - CEO
John Lane-Smith is an extraordinary personality. He has successfully transcended the coarse exterior of construction contractors, engineers and foreman to build communication skills. His affable approach connects with a diversity of people in a diversity of ways to direct their energy into positive relationships, self-awareness and improved communication.
— Peter Carson - Senior Project Manager
I have worked with John for many years and have always found John to be insightful and honest when it comes to getting the most out of the team. John helped me get to the heart of what was important despite the constant swirl and demands of busy corporate life. Having the time to reflect and have someone outside of the organisation to bounce ideas off and tell you what is and isn’t working always helped. The ability to understand various personalities within the team not only gives you a head start on how to deal with them but more importantly how to motivate them. I thoroughly recommend spending some time with John.
— Sam Turnbull - Managing Director
John Lane-Smith at EPS’s system and expert advice on the team cohesion, and behaviours was invaluable. The insights on my and others drivers and demotivators was in the first instance unexpected, and on reflection so revealing. The analysis of the group dynamics is a powerful tool to start working towards a high performing team and I have utilised the information on my personal drivers towards redefining my life and career expectations.
— Zane Gibson - Engineering Manager
John is an extraordinarily unique individual whose passion is to improve people’s relationships within their workplace, and consequently their success at work, by helping them understand how to communicate effectively with everyone around them. John has literally turned peoples lives around from poor performers to happy achievers by simply showing them and others around them how to respect and communicate with each other. We should all try it!
— Jackie Harper - Sales Director