Over the last three decades, EPS has empowered companies and senior executives to achieve their full potential.

Our business originated from a desire to move away from traditional management practices which lacked sensitivity and awareness to people’s emotions, and towards a more effective way for leaders to engage with their staff. 

At EPS, we realise each individual is unique and is motivated by different drivers. By clearly identifying and understanding each person's intrinsic drivers, you can build meaningful professional relationships and a cohesive corporate culture. We help facilitate this process, allowing your organisation to achieve these end goals. 

We empower managers to communicate, motivate and engage with their teams more effectively, promoting team cohesion and increased productivity, adding significant value to your organisation.


Our areas of expertise

  • Hiring senior executives

  • Onboarding management

  • Performance management

  • Identifying top talent 

  • Leadership team counsel

  • Team cohesion and culture coaching

  • Relationship and behavioural management

  • Talent management and succession planning

  • Project Managers and Alliance Manager coaching

  • Emotional intelligence coaching and facilitation